It began with a bang.

Our eight Avery Dennison Toffee League clubs truly left it all on the field at the inaugural Community Shield, hosted by Rose City Futsal.

The group stage saw a series of ferocious clashes play out  between well-matched sides, and the semi-finals held an epic penalty shootout for the ages.

Ultimately, we were down to two teams: Glory Hunters FC and Industry Futbol Club in the final.

And, when it was all said and done, the Glory Hunters came for the glory——and took it home with them. The shield was theirs after a 6-3 win.

Overall, though, the day was about far more than silverware.

Fueled by equal parts inspiration and perspiration, the Community Shield stood for exactly what its name implies: An expression of how the beautiful game can bring a group of people together. This was the first day of the Avery Dennison Toffee League——one that showcased the creativity and competition of the Portland soccer scene, saw new friendships forged, and raised money for a terrific charity.

Here's to many, many more like it.


(Photography courtesy of our friend Brenton Salo. Many thanks, Brenton!)