Jnr Jnrs


The following is a Q+A with Jnr Jnrs team representative, Kruster the Bear.

What is your team name?

junior jnrs

Why is that your team name? What does it mean to you?

shut up

How do you play on the pitch?

playing this one fast and loose

How do you play off the pitch?

how do YOU play off the pitch?

What should opposing teams watch out for on your team?

rude tudes/crude dudes/lewd moods

If your team had a motto, what would it be?

go to the bathroom when you can, not when you need to.

What is your spirit animal (or spirit mascot)?

kruster the friendly flakka bear

a haiku:

"come 2 kruster

it is holy writ

hush, my child

this is street level shit"

How do you #makefootballweird?

cowabunga its meeeeeeee kruster the friendly flakka bear and i just ate a popsicle and crushed a few keystone lights so im hyper as hell, let me outline an event that brought the heat down heavy on me - the government is tracking me for ive gotten 2 close to the truth regarding the false flag operation that was teh moon landing LOOK ME IN THE EYES WHEN IM TALKING 2 U it was all faked we never went there in ’69 hell i got proof. to this day the g-men and illuminati and USSR have sworn vengeance on me and have indeed tried on quite a few occasions to kill me but im 2 fast, lets put it this way - i kick ass when i get going. cowabunga, kruster.

hush, my child

this is street level shit