We are PITCH INVADERS, a group of highly advanced futsalians that hail from planet Inho. We have traveled far and wide across the galaxy in the aims of completing our mission. What is our mission you ask? Operation Pitch Invade: to spread the future of football throughout the galaxy! And the future of football, is futsal.

There are three things that fuel a pitch invader from the time they are born to a fully fledged futsaling phenomenon:

1.The heart of the game- the lifeblood that beats through their veins when a community comes together to feel the joy of futsal

2. Elysian Spacedust from Clive's Pub, this drink of the gods brings smiles to their faces, expands their trick repertoire and only makes them fall over a little

3. A joint passion for futsal and soccer and other foot stuff...

The members of this mission were chosen for their speed of play, toe poke madness, fancy footwork, and ability to throw back a few pints. Oh and slay!

Get ready to have your turf invaded!