PK Flyers.


“We’re soaring, we’re flying, there’s not a net that we can hiiiiit”

From 12 yards we’re deadly. And by that we mean we kill our chances every single time.

Like a team of Pelés—that is to say we move like we’re 80 and our glory days are long behind us—we have sworn to play carefree.

Famous for relentlessly high-fiving and the sickest kicks on Sundays, we believe substance is secondary to attitude in this game.

We are the team that takes losses on the chin, dancing through the sting of defeat.

We are the team that undeniably participates, leaving no doubt that we did in fact “show up.”

We are the team that shoots for the stars …and generally quite far above the crossbar.

Our patron saint is Baggio.
He missed for our sins