We are the Queerdos, part of NetRippers FC—Portland's only LGBTQIA+ football club. As an entity of NRFC, Queerdos is a team made up of Queer people and allies.

Historically a negative term to call someone a “weirdo,” we're taking it back and blending our weirdness with our queerness. The result: “Queerdos.”

We are a fun-loving, accepting group of people that support each other and our community with a passion as fierce as any 50/50 challenge has ever seen. Every great football team has each other's backs. We're no different.

We're here to win. But we're also here to celebrate Portland’s fabulously queer-friendly football culture and to foster a better community for our trans* and non-binary friends. The world of sports is inordinately binary, and we want to make it safer, easier, and more fun to be a gender queer athlete.

We'll start by ripping some nets in two.

We Are The Queerdos.
Weird. Queer. Victorious.