Skidwizards F.C.


Skidmore Fountain in downtown Portland is a landmark that not only expresses Portland’s uniquely enchanting character, but also stands as a significant location for our city’s homeless population.

Every week in the Toffee League, we lace up our boots in honor of them, representing Rose Haven, a local Portland charity that supports “the unseen homeless” women and children of our town.

We are Skidwizards F.C., a team known for vision, awareness, and action on the pitch and off. We’ll spray passes around with magic wands for feet; we’ll fool you with a trick or two (nutmeg is more than just an ingredient in our potions); and, we’ll wingardium leviosa some screamers into the top bins.

Who are we?

We’re a bunch of football wizards, playing in support of homeless awareness in Portland.

We’re defenders of the unfortunate and attackers of the unjust.

We’re Skidwizards F.C.
Some call it soccer,
we call it sorcery.