W+K Fools United


We started as a ship of fools; cocky and curious, but eager to prove ourselves. Our quest was simple: to build the weirdest football team the world has ever known.

Forged within Wieden+Kennedy Portland, and amplified by teammates from around the world; our genetics are frenetic and our differences are our strengths.

Every time we walk onto the pitch, we’ll walk on stupid.  Stupid enough to try, fail and try again. Tested tactics won’t hold us back - we’ll mix things up, and we’ll never park the bus. When we lose the ball, we’ll say fail harder - so if we don’t pull off the flip-flap, next time we’ll hit a rabona into the top corner.

Win or lose, our optimism never wavers, but maybe that's because we don't lose... And if you prove us wrong, beers on us.

Because we are Wieden+Kennedy.
United as fools.